bảng báo giá thép pomina  is provided with information about prices at the manufacturing plants of famous brands by Sang Chinh Co., Ltd. We are also a distributor for iron and steel agents in the Southern region.

At Pomina steel factory, the items we quote include: steel pipe, coil, rebar, section steel (I, U, V, H, V), purlins, etc. different ruler.

Price list of Pomina steel updated to the latest details

The price list of Pomina steel  we offer will include the full price of rolled steel, rebar (plain, rebar) according to different sizes in detail so that customers can choose from time to time.

Currently, the demand for construction is increasing, and the main material of a construction project is steel, so more and more steel and steel business units have opened. But not you can buy quality steel for your project.

Therefore,  Sang Chinh Chinh Steel   proactively updated the price of Pomina steel as well as  the price of construction steel and iron of  the latest and most accurate types from the manufacturer to customers.

What is the concept of Pomina steel?

– Vietnam Italy Steel is another name for Pomina steel, a steel product applied on a closed production line. Meet international standards, and appropriate parameters during the manufacturing process.

Pomina steel application many current works: townhouses, ports, constructions, bridges and many other items.

Price list of Pomina steel

Factors for us to set prices is based on market factors and manufacturers. Therefore, you can feel secure because the price of construction materials is always suitable for the economy of all project owners.

We will update the price regularly and regularly, constantly updating the price information is also a way for customers to find the most appropriate time to buy.

New Pomina steel quotes from the manufacturer

Hotline: 097.5555.055 – 0909.936.937 – 09.3456.9116 – 0932 117 666








Symbols on the iron tree




D 6 (ROLL)

1 Kg




D 8 (ROLL)

1 Kg




D 10 (Tree)

Length (11.7m)




D 12 (Tree)

Length (11.7m)




D 14 (Tree)

Length (11.7m)




D 16 (Tree)

Length (11.7m)




D 18 (Tree)

Length (11.7m)




D 20 (Tree)

Length (11.7m)




D 22 (Tree)

Length (11.7m)




D 25 (Tree)

Length (11.7m)




D 28 (Tree)

Length (11.7m)




D 32 (Tree)

Length (11.7m)




Nails + zinc binding = 12,500 VND / KG – Tai Goat belt 15 x 15 … .. 15x 25 = 12,500 VND / KG

Note that  the price of Pomina steel  may change at the time you visit the Website: https://thegioivatlieuxaydung.vn so for   the most accurate and latest Pomina steel price, you can contact the Hotline  directly  097.5555.055 – 0909,936,937 – 09,456,9116 – 0932 117 666

* Company policy of Sang Chinh Steel Sheet: 
– The above price includes 10% VAT and inner shipping cost of more than 5 tons for construction steel
– Rolled steel delivered via scales
– Rebar delivered by counting trees
– Payment method: cash or bank transfer

In the price list:

– Steel coil phi 6, phi 8 will be delivered via actual scales.

– Rebar 10 to 32 is rebar, delivered through the actual way of counting plants immediately.

– Pomina steel is diverse in different types of steel grades. You need, please contact the sales department to get the fastest quotation.

– The price list includes shipping costs. You will not pay any extra costs if incurred.

– The price list includes 10% VAT.

– The products we provide are genuine. The terms of the contract are clear and mutually agreed.

– Since receiving the official order, we will ship to the place in the shortest time.

How to buy construction materials at Sang Chinh Company Limited

  • B1: You can know the price of construction materials when informing the order quantity to us via email.
  • B2: You can also go directly to our company for a quote and on-site advice.
  • B3: The two parties will agree on a contract on: The price of materials, the volume of goods, the time of delivery. How to receive goods, payment policy then proceed to supply contracts.
  • B4: Arranging warehouses, roads for transporting cars to the goods to the nearest building.
  • B5: After you are satisfied with the service. Customers pay the balance to us.

Introducing construction iron and steel at Sang Chinh company

– We are a major iron and steel distributor in the South. Working with large factories with high quality products. All products meet the standards in the inspection of Vietnam Iron and Steel Association.

– Competitive price and best quality in the South.

– A team of professionals working energetically and enthusiastically. Will support you anytime, answer advice and quotes quickly, most directly.

– Sang Chinh Limited Company owns a large warehouse system. Spread evenly in all districts of Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces: Tay Ninh, Dong Nai, Long An, …


Professional working style – reputation – dedicated

Young staff – “It is our pleasure to serve customers.” We always value the product – the benefit of the customer first. Come to our company customers will receive not only good sand products but also receive professionalism, prestige, dedication, etc. in our working style. Our working process usually goes through 4 stages:

 Step 1:  Receive information from customers (customers buying construction steel, contact us directly). 

Step 2:  The staff will advise customers on the choice of sand products (product advice, product quotes, shipping quotes, purchase incentives, etc.). 

Step 3:  When the customer agrees to choose construction iron and steel, the two sides will conduct a contract of sale, purchase and transport of sand.

Step 4:  Transport construction iron and steel to customers, conduct acceptance and payment of contracts.

We are always committed to the quality of sand products as well as the best quality of service for our customers.

Customers note:  In the market today, there are many units supplying and selling  construction steel , cheap and poor quality that customers do not know.

So to avoid buying fake goods – fake goods – poor quality goods – Ton Chinh Chinh Steel Sheet recommends that you carefully research the information before buying.

Please contact us directly via the  Hotline: 097.5555.055 – 0909.936.937 – 09.3456.9116 – 0932 117 666  for advice on products as well as  construction steel quotes . Sincerely thank you.

For further information, please contact Sang Chinh Steel Sheet:

Office 1:  Số 287 Phan Anh, Bình Trị Đông Ward, Bình Tân District, TP. HCM
Office 2:  Số 3 Tô Hiệu, P. Tân Thới Hòa, Tân Phú District, TP. HCM
Head office:  No. 40, Phan Van Doi, Tien Lan Hamlet, Ba Diem, Hoc Mon, Tp. HCM
Steel  Sheet Factory: Hai Chinh Steel Corrugated Sheet 80 Lê Văn Khương, Xã Đông Thạnh, Hoc Mon District, TP. HCM
Steel rolling and processing workshop Fig:  Bright Steel Chinh Lot 8 Duc Hoa Ha, Tan Duc Industrial Park, Duc Hoa, Long An
Warehouse:  No.2 Inter-Area 4-5 National Road 1A, Binh Hung Hoa Ward B, Q Binh Tan, HCMC
Noi Thanh Warehouse Warehouse:
+ 287 Phan Anh, Binh Tri Dong Ward, Binh Tan District, City. HCM
+ 64 Luy Ban Bich, P. Tan Thoi Hoa, Q. Tan Phu, TP. HCM
+ 48 Tan Son Street, Ward 15, District Tân Bình, TP. HCM
and 50 warehouse system consignment goods around the city. HCM and neighboring provinces.





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