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Preparing and executing foundation in Phuoc Long

Preparing and executing foundation in Phuoc Long.

Prepare :

Perform construction signs: building signs, construction rules, labor safety, work alerts will show the professionalism of the unit with a professional way of working.

Clean up ground preparation, borrow sidewalks, prepare power sources, water sources available for construction.

Installing gates, fences, according to the standard of concrete cutting drilling unit in Binh Phuoc.

Prepare a set of construction design documents as a technical basis for construction.

Prepare suitable human resources.

Please refer to the content at Binh Phuoc : khoan cắt bê tông bình phước

Construction of foundation:

Conduct excavation of foundation pit and pour concrete on foundation.

Installation of formwork, reinforced steel, concrete foundation, momentum, bracing.

Digging soil, constructing manure compartments, manholes, underground water tanks with brick bricks.

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