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bảng báo giá tôn diềm  is fully and continuously updated at Sang Chinh Co., Ltd. We will assist you with inquiries and order by phone or email below

Expand operation to all districts in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces: Tay Ninh, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Long An, …

Quotation sheet price of Diem – quotation of all kinds of construction corrugated iron

The price list gives you a comprehensive view of the price of corrugated iron in particular and the type of corrugated iron in general. Due to the continuous and erratic price changes, please update the price constantly

This is also a way to help all customers find the right time for price to buy the most appropriate

Incentives and policies of Sang Chinh company for customers

Note some information when buying:

Outstanding advantages of the current corrugated iron line

– Produce a variety of models, sizes to suit the needs of use
– High corrosion resistance
– Optimal and superior heat
protection – Anti-finger protection layer: anti-stain, anti-oxygen chemical, keep the surface bright, reduce peeling. Scratches the plating layer during stamping and rolling.

Information about today’s corrugated iron products

Replace purlin in construction to make ceiling and create high aesthetic. The current types of corrugated iron are based on the production process with steel materials, aluminum and zinc alloys, which has created a confirmed quality over the years.

In addition to tiles, corrugated iron has excellent covering and heat resistance. And the cost is also much cheaper than brick, weight is light. This has helped the product is widely known to all customers and has increasingly strong consumption

In the market of anti-heat building materials in our country is quite diverse in types. And materials such as tiles, hollow bricks, reflective glass, plaster ceiling, heat-resistant corrugated iron … But the most effective and cost-effective is still cold-resistant corrugated iron.

For questions about the service, you can contact us via the following address:

Professional working style – reputation – dedicated

Young staff – “It is our pleasure to serve customers.” We always value the product – the benefit of the customer first. Come to our company customers will receive not only good sand products but also receive professionalism, prestige, dedication, etc. in our working style. Our working process usually goes through 4 stages:

 Step 1:  Receive information from customers (customers buying construction steel, contact us directly). 

Step 2:  The staff will advise customers on the choice of sand products (product advice, product quotes, shipping quotes, purchase incentives, etc.). 

Step 3:  When the customer agrees to choose construction iron and steel, the two sides will conduct a contract of sale, purchase and transport of sand.

Step 4:  Transport construction iron and steel to customers, conduct acceptance and payment of contracts.

We are always committed to the quality of sand products as well as the best quality of service for our customers.

Customers note:  In the market today, there are many units supplying and selling  construction steel , cheap and poor quality that customers do not know.

So to avoid buying fake goods – fake goods – poor quality products –  Ton thep sang chinh  recommends that you carefully research the information before buying.

Please contact us directly via the  Hotline: 097.5555.055 – 0909.936.937 – 09.3456.9116 – 0932 117 666  for advice on products as well as  construction steel quotes . Sincerely thank you.

For further information, please contact Sang Chinh Steel Sheet:

Office 1:  Số 287 Phan Anh, Bình Trị Đông Ward, Bình Tân District, TP. HCM
Office 2:  Số 3 Tô Hiệu, P. Tân Thới Hòa, Tân Phú District, TP. HCM
Head office:  No. 40, Phan Van Doi, Tien Lan Hamlet, Ba Diem, Hoc Mon, Tp. HCM
Steel  Sheet Factory: Hai Chinh Steel Corrugated Sheet 80 Lê Văn Khương, Xã Đông Thạnh, Hoc Mon District, TP. HCM
Steel rolling and processing workshop Fig:  Bright Steel Chinh Lot 8 Duc Hoa Ha, Tan Duc Industrial Park, Duc Hoa, Long An
Warehouse:  No.2 Inter-Area 4-5 National Road 1A, Binh Hung Hoa Ward B, Q Binh Tan, HCMC
Noi Thanh Warehouse Warehouse:
+ 287 Phan Anh, Binh Tri Dong Ward, Binh Tan District, City. HCM
+ 64 Luy Ban Bich, P. Tan Thoi Hoa, Q. Tan Phu, TP. HCM
+ 48 Tan Son Street, Ward 15, District Tân Bình, TP. HCM
and 50 warehouse system consignment goods around the city. HCM and neighboring provinces.




Phone Numbers

0932 117 666

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