Spacious facilities full and comfortable. You will be completely satisfied with the quality of training at our center

Teaching plans provided by the Ministry of Defense. In parallel, the criminal police department also gives advice and guidance in the most specific and detailed manner

With a team of experienced trainers over 15 years, there is always a special love for pets

Customers will pay for the pet’s monthly fee. When registering, we do not collect the tuition once, but are divided into months. Customers can pay school fees for the first month after the selection is wrapped train that you desire

Train with all your heart. All employees in the team always have a special love for pets from childhood. We teach your dog to be strict. Besides that will also take care of all with love for pets

The training process will be divided into 12 different stages, lasting within 4 months. After the training, your dog will be extremely brave and intelligent. Listen to the owner

We are committed to the highest quality of service, at the same time affordable prices. The  care and care of dogs , diet and physical examination are properly weighed, measured, measured and counted

Dog schools  always listen to the opinions of customers. Services born over 15 years, with practical experience. We always try to create the best living environment for your puppy

Our service adopts – trains over 40 different dog species. Including professional and ornamental dogs

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